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Back-to-school during a pandemic: Best practices

mercredi, 18 novembre 2020 à 11:54 - The risk of spreading COVID-19 can be far-reaching, even after the school bell rings. We spoke to an infectious disease doctor to help ease some of those worries and answer some questions about the start of the school year.

The return to school looks different for many Canadians. Whether you are experiencing a staggered start, in-home classroom or a masked return, nothing seems normal about the 2020/21 school year.

To put some worries at ease, Rachel Schoutsen spoke with Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti who specializes in infectious disease to learn more about the risks in and out of the classroom.

He weighs in on the rate of classroom transmission, after school protocols, visiting grandparents and three of the easiest things you can do to control infection. Watch the video above for the conversation.


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